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Quartz/amethyst Crystal Cluster Geode From Uruguay With Wooden Base.

Amethyst cluster standing for Sale

STONE BY ITSELF IS 11 INCHES HIGH. LARGE GORGEOUS QUARTZ CRYSTAL CLUSTER WITH GORGEOUS AGATE DESIGNS AND MULTIPLE STALACTITE BASES ON A WOODEN BASE. Quartz/amethyst crystal cluster geode from uruguay with wooden base this item can be shipped worldwide. Goes outside your screen and is not.

4500w Linco Studio Photo Soft Box Video Lighting Light Boom Stand Kit Lk102.

Linco Flora Easy Softbox Video lighting Test

The light bank is suitable for still photography or filmmaking. 4500w linco studio photo soft box video lighting light boom stand kit lk102 this stand sets up in seconds, going from 2’9(83.7cm) when fully folded to 8ft when completely extended. Smart design allows users to pop up the softbox with ease and completes the whole assembly for less than 30 seconds.